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Preventing addiction with education

We will work with you to identify the appropriate level of care using ASAM Criteria tools that were developed by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). We offer group therapy, individual sessions, and support groups to improve your quality of life. 

Our services include: 

  • Progress reports for attorneys, case managers, probation, and parole. 
  • Court-approved DUI Assessments & Evaluations 
  • Court liaisons
  • Education and counseling
  • Telehealth platform 

These programs aim to educate and motivate individuals experiencing early warning signs of alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and related problems. We’ll guide you through the process of identifying your problems, taking responsibility for your actions, identifying underlying causes, and even dealing with the court system to achieve appropriate treatment. 

Have you been arrested for a DUI or DWI? 
If you’ve been arrested for a DUI and have been ordered by the judge to attend Alcohol or Substance Abuse Education and/or treatment, we have classes for you. 

If you have not been to court yet, get an assessment and start treatment or education. This lets the judge know that you are taking responsibility and have already had a professional assessment.
We can help you put together the best possible recovery plan that will help you get back on track toward a successful life free of any alcohol, drug, or legal problems. 

Early warning signs of alcohol abuse and alcohol dependency often show up as an arrest for a DUI and may indicate a substance use disorder. Other warning signs may include increased tolerance to alcohol or drugs, hangovers, blackouts, family problems, occupation issues, loss of control, financial problems, relational difficulties, and others. Early intervention programs decrease recidivism rates, improve public safety and help save lives. 

We recommend all DUI offenders to complete our Jail-Alternative Weekend Intervention Program, Level 0.5, Level 1.0, or any program ordered by the courts. 

We’re Here to Help

Please schedule an assessment to determine your needs or contact us for further information.