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Supporting adults and minors as they battle various mental health challenges

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) for Adults 

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) is a recovery-focused and person-centered rehabilitative care program for individuals suffering from chronic mental illnesses. In this program, individuals are given support in improving their skills and finding mental wellness, so their quality of life is enhanced and their personal, learning, work, and community goals are met. Through this program, we aim to advocate for and promote recovery and resiliency among various individuals so that they may live independently and function better in their preferred community.
Our program activities aim to improve the following:

  • Coping Skills
  • Academic & Vocational Skills
  • Time Management
  • Task Completion
  • Family & Community Integration
  • Time Management

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) for Minors

Similar to PRP for Adults, our Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) is designed to foster the healthy growth and development of the youth, improving their social skills, self-management skills, and other skills used in connecting with their loved ones and community members. The program is strength-based, ultimately helping the youth achieve their personal goals and objectives.
PRP services are rendered in a setting where the youth are most comfortable and can receive care conveniently. This may include the youth’s residence, a foster care home, job sites, schools and other educational settings, or other community sites. Moreover, depending on the youth’s unique needs, diagnoses, and circumstances, PRP services can be adjusted.

Usually, we will collaborate with the youth, their family, and their primary care providers in establishing specific goals related to their self-care, behavioral management, social improvement, and other community skills, effectively reducing their need for mental health support in the long run.

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